1. Spring Rolls - $7.95
Crispy rice pancake stuffed with mixed vegetables served with sweet-sour sauce.

2. Crab Rangoon - $9.95
Crispy rice paper stuffed with crabmeat and cream cheese

3. Fresh Rolls - $7.95
Soft rice paper stuffed with fresh vegetables served with dark peanut sauce.
(Choice of Shrimp  or Vegetables)

4. Chicken Satay - $9.95
Marinated chicken in coconut milk and Thai herbs, grilled on a stick, served with peanut sauce and cucumber dipping sauce.

5. Tofu Triangles - $8.95
Golden brown fried tofu served with sweet-sour peanut dipping sauce.

6.Dumplings - $9.95
Crispy rice pancake stuffed with pork and vegetables served with honey soy sauce.

7. Chicken Wing - $9.95
Fried marinated wings served with sweet-sour sauce.

8. Beef Jerky - $9.95
Strips of dried beef served with sweet chili sauce.

9. Shrimp in the Blanket - $9.95
Crispy rice pancake stuffed with whole shrimp and vegetables served with sweet-sour sauce.

10. Shumai - $9.95
Lightly shumai skin stuffed with shrimp and vegetables, served with honey soy sauce.

11. Fish cake - $9.95
Fried fish meat mixed with chili paste, green beans and kaffir lime leaves, served with sweet-cucumber dip.

12. Shrimp Tempura - $14.95
Shrimp and vegetables tempura served with sweet-sour sauce.

13. Steamed Mussels - $14.95
Steamed Mussels in hot and sour broth with Thai herbs and basil leaves.

14. Gloden Triangle - $9.95
Crispy golden triangle stuffed with vegetables and light curry powder, served with sweet- sour sauce.

15. Plattes Plate (For one.... $11.95, For two.... $21.95)
Combination of spring roll, chicken satay, fish cake, chicken wing, shrimp in the blanket, dumpling, shumai, and tofu triangle. 

Before placing your order, please infore your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.

Thank you